Transmission Repair

Immaterial whether your car is facing problems or no, it is advisable to have some basic information on the different parts of the car and the reasons these need to be looked after with apt maintenance and repair. Transmission repair is one part of vehicle maintenance which is more often than not, neglected. Replacement of the transmission of a vehicle is a costly affair and at times this works out to be costlier as compared to the price of the vehicle. Obviously, on-time repair and servicing tends to be a better option.

The experienced professionals at can spare you of the heavy expense you need to replace a transmission by the timely transmission repair provided.

Tips To extend Life of Transmission:

Following the tips listed below you can look forward to a smooth and efficient running of your vehicle.

  1. Checking the Transmission Fluid:

Routine of the transmission fluid is necessary at all times. This is because the transmission fluid checked on regular basis can spare you from expensive transmission repair. Most of the problems which occur are due to dirty or low transmission fluid. It is recommended to check this transmission fluid once a month.

  1. Transmission flushes:

One of the main reasons for the automatic transmission failing is due to overheating. This over heating generally takes place due to dirty transmission fluid. It is important to ensure that the filter and the transmission fluid is changed every 30,000 miles.

  1. Change of Gears:

For the long life of a transmission it is wiser not to shift gears when the vehicle is on the move. It is advisable to bring the vehicle to a stop before changing to gears, be it the ‘drive’ or ‘reverse’. This changing of gears when the car is in motion can add to the strain on the transmission.

  1. Warm up the Car:

Avoid costly transmission repair by ensuring you warm up the engine before you start driving. You need to give this warming a few minutes.

  1. Driving on Spare tires:

Driving on a spare tire is definitely harmful if this is carried out for a long period of time. Besides causing harm to the transmission this can also affect the wheel alignment.

  1. A Thorough Check:

Make an effort and ensure that your vehicle is checked and inspected at least once a year. Specify the transmission check to the professionals.

Benefits of Transmission Repair:

On time transmission repair by the team of professionals at offers multiple benefits.

*The ‘check engine’ and the ‘transmission overdrive’ lights fade away. You are free to drive smoothly and concentrate on the driving part rather than these problems.

*Leaking of the transmission fluid stops with the apt transmission repair. There are no puddles under the vehicle and safety is ensured.

*You have better control while driving. This is definitely a benefit most car owners look forward to. 

*Transmission repair carried out in the initial stages of a problem can help you save on your hard-earned money. Major damage to the transmission is a costly affair and can be avoided.

*With this timely transmission repair you see a vast improvement in the gas mileage. Another saving made possible with regular service and maintenance. This leads to a big boon to the environment as it can reduce the carbon footprint to a large extent.

The experienced professionals, with their experience and training ensure that your vehicle hits the road with transmission repair and servicing. The lifespan of the vehicle increases and you benefit with the smooth and effortless driving factor. Regular transmission repair is reasonable and cost-effective.