Replacement of Belt and Hoses

Major damages in a vehicle are not only troublesome but also a costly affair. Regular servicing and timely belt and hose replacement are a small discomfort you need to go through so that the life span of your vehicle is increased and also so that it performs efficiently. You need to be aware that these belt and hoses are important for the smooth running of a vehicle. Rochefort ensures that a vehicle is up to the mark with quality inspection of the belt and hoses on a timely basis. It is advisable to opt for an inspection of the belt and hoses with every oil change or after every 3,000 miles.

Different Belt and Hoses:

It is important to have basic information on the different belt and hoses. This can keep you well informed and help you to replace these in a timely manner.

  1. Serpentine Belt:

The drive belts, also known as the serpentine belts are meant to provide power to major components like the power steering pump, air conditioner compressor, the cooling fan and more. These belts tend to wear out after a specific span of tie. They have fewer tendencies to slip or stretch due to the exposure to hot, dry and cold temperatures and rubber composition. Though the vehicle can run even if the belt breaks, but there is always a risk of the engine getting overheated as there is no supply of power to the pump. It is also difficult to steer with this serpentine belt getting damaged. There is problem with the cooling and the vehicle tends to get hotter. Replacement of belt and hoses is important after a specific time or 5,000 miles.

  1. Timing Belt:

This timing belt is made of rubber and is located on the outside of an engine. This enables the turning of the camshaft by the crankshaft. The valves are opened and closed by the camshaft in synchrony with the piston of the engine. The engine stops working if this timing belt breaks. This can be the cause of engine damage. Though this timing belt can last up to 10,000 miles it is safer to get this checked on a regular basis.

  1. Hoses:

The hoses in a vehicle are connected to the radiator, heater, vacuum lines, fuel lines, power steering and also the air-conditioning. Parts of the hoses which are connected to the engine absorb vibrations due to their flexibility. There are times these hoses tend to wear from the inside and appear to be stable on the outside. There are chances of the rubber breaking due to excessive dryness. Belt and hoses replacement is carried out by our team of experienced professionals at Rochefort.

Tips for Belt Inspection:

*Glazing on the side of the belt indicates that this needs to be replaced.

*The top cover has splits, cracks or frays are another indication for belt and hose replacement.

*A serpentine belt needs to be twisted and checked for cracks, separating layers or even missing pieces of the grooves.

The replacement belts need to be identical I width, length and the number of the grooves in accordance to te original. A replaced belt can offer multiple benefits like increase in gas mileage, improved acceleration and mileage and also spare you of major expenses for major repairs.

Belt and hose replacements with assure quality not only on the parts but also the service. There are no compromises made as only qualified and experienced professionals handle your vehicle. This timely belt and hose replacement ensures you can drive for miles and miles without any major problems or accidents.