Tire Service and its Importance

Tire replacement can be a costly affair but at the same time, it is important to ensure that these tires are up to the mark in a vehicle. The risk of accidents is eliminated once the tire service is done on time. To ensure this safety factor and also so that the customers enjoy a smooth drive, we, at rocheforautorepairs.com give this service a priority. We have qualified and experienced technicians handling all sorts of tires and making sure these are safe for your drive.

Importance of Tire Repair and Service:

Safety of the Vehicle:

As mentioned earlier, tires play an important role in the safety factor. Neglecting this for a long period of time can be dangerous not only for you but also the other passengers accompanying you. Each tire of a vehicle supports almost quarter of the weight of the vehicle.  Rochefort tire service is well aware of the fact that tires offer the ability for the required grip of the road, stop when needed and also turn smoothly.


Roche tire service ensures that the performance of the tire is to the maximum for a long period of time. Our technicians ensure that these tires are filled with enough pressure, offer a good tread and there is perfect balance. There is no uncomfortable driving with vibrations or any kind of pulling. The tires of a vehicle also aid the suspension. That increases the importance of tire servicing at regular intervals.


Maximum traction of the tires tends to affect the driving. Roche tire service, with this tire service ensures that you are in good control of your vehicle even in tough conditions. Tires with the right tread amount can wade smoothly in snow or even water. Without the required tread the rubber tends to spin on surfaces which are wet. This is definitely dangerous.

Tips on Tire Care:

Our experienced technicians at Rochefort offer few basic tips on tire care. These are listed below.

* Checking the Pressure of Tires:

Under-inflated areas in a tire are problematic. You face problems while braking ad turning. Besides this, the fuel economy goes for a toss. There is more friction with these under-inflated tires. This leads to major tire damage and expenses.

Our service team at Rochefort ensures that the tires are filled in accordance to the PSI recommended.

*Rotation of tires:

Tire rotation is important when talking about tire maintenance. Driving can wear down the tread on specific tires. This tire rotation by Rochefort tire service ensures there is even wear and tear in the tires. This tire rotation is essential for the long lasting factor in the tires and also for the required smooth performance. We recommend that tire rotation needs to be done every time you opt for an oil change or probably, after few thousand miles.

*Checking the Tire tread:

Low tread tires can be risky. You find it difficult to brake or turn. You also might find the tires bursting. This leads to a risk not only for you but also to those around you. It is advisable to get the tire tread checked with the qualified professionals at Rochefort tire service if you are not too sure how to go about this.

Rochefort Tire repairs understand the complications and different requirements of different tires. Thus we have experienced professionals who can assist you with the multiple tire problems. You need to ensure that you check your tires at least every month even if you have a vehicle which offers smooth driving.

Safe tires are necessary for smooth and safe driving. Besides which, this can also offer better fuel economy.