Battery Services

A battery works out to be the life of any vehicle. This pumps some life into the car for it to start. These batteries tend to work harder during the cold winter months. The battery services with ensure you hit the road with a quality service provided. Be it charging or repairing or even replacing a battery, our team ensures you enjoy a smooth drive. It is important to make an effort and ensure the maintenance of the battery is done in the right manner.

Tips for Regular Maintenance:

Our team of professionals ensures the battery life is extended with regular inspection and testing. It is advisable to get this checked at least once in a month.

Examining the Battery:

* The state of charge of the battery needs to be checked. This is indicated on the top of the battery. This offers an on the spot diagnosis of the state of the battery. The voltmeter tends to be more reliable as this offers a stabilized voltage and also if the vent caps can be removed. A hydrometer is used to determine the SG (specific gravity) of electrolyte.

*The clamps, screws, cables and terminals need to be checked for damage, breakage and loose connections. These need to be free of any corrosion, tight and also clean.

*The battery top needs to be clean and dry, free of any grime or dust. A battery which is dirty can discharge on the battery casing.

*The battery case needs to be checked for any warp age and physical damage. This indicates if the battery is overcharged or overheated.

*A coat of high temperature grease needs to be applied to cable connections and posts for additional protection.

*A battery which is maintainable needs to be checked for enough electrolytes covering the plates. Ensure you do not overfill as the fluid might overflow when the battery gets fully charged. Ensure you use de-mineralized or distilled water.

*A SMF (Sealed maintenance free) battery check out the indicator of the state of charge. You get a snap shot of the condition of the battery. Ensure the battery is replaced if indicated or else this can lead to internal explosion.

*For those batteries which are used seasonally ad stored, it is advisable to store these only after they are fully charged. Recharge the battery as and when required. A battery needs to be checked totally before reconnecting this to any device.

Indications of Battery Trouble:

Battery service can be apt if you can detect any battery problem in the initial stages.

  1. Lights do not turn on:

The lights and horn does not work with a dead battery. This is because a car battery tends to power all the accessories in any vehicle.

  1. Cranking of the Engine:

 The battery is not working if when starting the engine this cranks but does not start. It is important to get this checked by reputed battery service.

  1. Bloated Battery Case:

Battery service is necessary if you find the battery case unusually bigger than normal.

  1. Moody Battery:

When a battery problem exists, the performance of the car is different each day. Checking this out can spare you from uncalled for expenses.

Battery service with ensures the battery replaced is of the quality which is required specifically for the make and model of your car. This means optimal performance is guaranteed. Our team of experts inspects the car thoroughly before repairing or replacing a battery. They make an effort to ensure that there is no corrosion and clean the vehicle. This guarantees an optimal performance.