Electric Car Repair

Electric car repair is not a tough job but finding an auto service with trained professionals for this repair might be a little taxing. Rocheforautorepair.com is one company which can provide quality and efficient electric car repairs. We ensure that the technicians handling your electric car are specifically trained to do so. This means, you can hit the road and drive smoothly and safely. Talking about electric cars, you need to be aware that this has multiple benefits due to which you have most people opting for this.

  1. Low running costs:

Running an electric car is definitely cheaper as compared to the normal traditional cars. The electricity required to charge this vehicle works out to be a third of the cost of petrol.

  1. Easy Maintenance:

Electric vehicles have lesser moving parts. This leads to few problems. These vehicles do not have fuel injection, exhaust systems, starter motors, radiators and other parts present in a traditional vehicle.

  1. Renewable Energy:

There is a possibility f reducing the gas emissions in case you plan to make use of renewable energy for recharging your vehicle. The PV solar system can be utilized for the required energy during the day time. You also have the option of buying green power.

  1. Less Pollution:

Air pollution decreases with the electric car as this car has zero exhaust emissions.

  1. Eco-friendly Material:

With most manufacturers concentrating on the environment, the Electric cars are manufactured with materials which are eco-friendly.

  1. Healthy Choice:

With less of the harmful emissions, the quality of air is improved. This means healthy living for most of us.

Maintenance of Electric Car:

As mentioned, these electric cars require less of maintenance. You need to ensure that you opt for a well reputed electric car repair professional for quality service or replacements.

*Tire Rotation:

It is important to ensure that the guidelines given by the manufacturer are followed to the tee for the tire rotation.

*Brake Care:

Brake pads in these cars tend to last for a long period of time as the electric cars make use of regenerative braking. This process harnesses the required energy from the different parts stored in the battery system for using later.

*Wiper Blades:

Wiper blade maintenance for electric car is similar to that of any other vehicle. These need to be replaced when worn out.

*Coolant System:

Those electric cars with a thermal management system use coolant. There might be a requirement of adding this coolant from time to time and replacing this in accordance to the service schedule. This is best left to the professional electric car repair professionals.

*Fluid Check:

Besides the coolant, the electric car has the brake fluid and the windshield fluid. The windshield fluid needs to be added periodically, while the brake field needs to be changed in accordance to the manufacturer’s manual.  Most of the other fluids cannot be accessed as these are sealed.

*Replacement of Battery:

Maintenance of the battery is maintenance which can be a little costly. The battery pack of these vehicles are of lithium-ion, nickel-metal-hydride. These tend to have a lifespan which is considered ‘limited’. Manufacturers, some of them, offer a warranty of at least eight years on the battery pack. This is one expense which can act as a deterrent for those who wish to opt for electric cars.

Routine electric car repairs can save on good amount of money. These cars have fewer parts and thus there are few chances of major break-downs. You can say this is ‘perfect’ ROI (return on Investment). The only factor you need to take seriously is getting the electric car repair done as and when required without delays.