Repair of Steering and Suspension

A vehicle tends to be once in a life-time investment for most people. Regular care and maintenance ensures that the vehicle is smooth and safe. Most vehicle owners take the suspension and steering for granted and tend to neglect minor problems. It is important to get an apt diagnoisis from a well reputed auto repair shop. You need to make sure the technicians handling your vehicle are well qualified and trained. is one company which is not only reliable but also trustworthy.

Functions of the Suspension System:

A little knowledge on the suspension system can help you understand when you face any problems with your vehicle. It is almost impossible to control a vehicle without a fully-functional suspension system. Any problem with the suspension can lead to tire wear, affect the alignment of the wheels and also increase the gas mileage.  

Indications of a failing or bad suspension:

It is essential that you are aware that the suspension of your vehicle is heading for problem since this can affect multiple parts of your car.

* Difficulty in Steering:

A faulty suspension can lead the vehicle difficult to steer, more so at a low speed. This is because the steering is linked to a suspension. Another possibility with this difficulty in steering can be loose or worn out belts, low power steering fluid or worn arm bushings. There is a possibility of the failure of the power steering pump if the vehicle is whining or squealing when you take a turn. Our experts at can ensure the apt diagnosis due to their expertise.  

*Car Ride is rough:

A bumpy car ride indicates some problem either with the suspension or the tires. Getting the vehicle inspected by our trained technicians can eliminate this problem of a bumpy ride.

Services Provided:

For the required maintenance and repairs of steering and suspension, we, at offer multiple services which include

  1. Replacement of the Rod: This replacement of the tie rod is carried out only after inspection the vehicle thoroughly. This loose tie rod can also lead the vehicle to get pulled to the left or the right as it tends to follow bumps and cracks in the pavement.
  2. Replacement of the Ball Joint: Generally, all vehicles have the ball joints. These connect the wheels to the suspension system. There might be a banging sound if these joints are bad. This also leads to trouble in steering, uneven tear in the tires and vibrations in the steering.
  3. Replacement of the Struts: The struts of a vehicle are encased by coil springs which absorb the shock and are placed in the back of a vehicle.
  4. Inspection of the Suspension: The inspection carried out by our qualified and trained professionals can diagnose if the trouble is caused due to a faulty steering and suspension or something else.

Our experts ensure you can be back on the road within no time. Any replacement carried out is with the consent of the owner. uses original replacement parts and makes no compromise not only on the parts used but also the service offered.

Our clients have the freedom to schedule an appointment. You can get all detailed information on our website, Getting immediate repairs for the steering and suspension can spare you of major expenses in the near future. A smooth vehicle can be long lasting and performs to the best for a long period of time.

Our experts advise on the required repairs and replacement and wait for your approval before carrying out the same. We offer the required warranty on the parts and even the work carried out.