Auto A/C Repair and its Benefits

Auto A/C repair, check and recharge services available with is an essential requirement for all those vehicles with air-conditioners. Maintenance of a vehicle with regular servicing ensures you have a vehicle which performs well and does not compromise on the safety factor. This eliminates any risks while driving. The air-conditioner is an essential requirement on the hot summer days. Keeping this working efficiently needs to be a priority.

There are multiple reasons the air-conditioner of a vehicle is not cooling enough. Listed below are few of these which are checked by the experienced professionals at Rochefort with Auto A/C repair, check and recharge services.

* A weak compressor builds up pressure slowly and thus the vehicle requires a a high rpm to produce normal pressures. The auto a/c repair, check and recharge services available with Rochefort make sure to check this with a pressure test conducted by our team of professionals.

* Another reason for the air-conditioner not operating to the mark is due to the pressure door. If this door is not in the position of Max Cool the cooling tends to slow down as the heater core contributes enough heat. If the system is set on the Max Cool after a period of time the A/C unit has a minor heating effect. You need to be aware that the temperature door can slow down the cooling even if this is partly in the wrong position.

* The outside air flap does not close. This flap needs to be closed when the system is on Max A/C position. This open flap can dilute the A/C effect due to the hot air.

Auto A/C repair, check and recharge services with ensures that the radiator fan is operating efficiently. There are possibilities of the clutch fan engaging late and the electric fan might come late. Both the cases there are reduction of air-flow, hampering the cooling of the vehicle. This is more so in idle operation or even slow driving.

* There is a problem with the heater coolant valve closing. There is a possibility of the temperature door being in the right position but the heat coolant can contribute heat to slow down the cooling.

* The professionals of the auto A/C repair check and recharge services ensure that the system is not low on refrigerant. These days you have a lot of low capacity systems. It is advisable to get this checked only by professionals who can diagnose the exact cause of slow cooling.

* There is also a possibility of air leaks in the HVAC case. This is when the seals between the cowl and the case are deteriorated. Hot air from the engine compartment is blown into the case. The air-conditioner takes a long span of time to recover from this.

Some Benefits of professional Auto Air-conditioner Servicing:

With multiple reasons for the auto air-conditioner not working efficiently, it is advisable to approach the experienced professionals at Rochefort.

Besides the regular servicing, the professionals of A/C repair, check and recharge services tune up the system to ensure that this delivers cool air. Air filters are cleaned of dirt and other contaminants and good and healthy air is ensured.

  1. You are assured of optimal performance of the air-conditioner in your vehicle with regular inspections and servicing. The smallest of problem can be sorted out without the wastage of time and money.
  2. The bad components of the auto A/C are replaced with genuine parts by the A/C repair, check and recharge services at Rochefort.

Ensure you contact the professionals at for the smallest problem with the air-conditioner in your vehicle.