Electrical System Diagnosis and Repair

There are vast changes in vehicles these days. These have evolved with complicated computerized systems which manage the total operations of the vehicle.  When there is a problem with the vehicle the computer flashes warning lights. At rocheforautorepair.com we have a team of qualified professionals who are specifically trained for the electrical system diagnosis and repair.

Electrical Systems:

The electric system in a vehicle has multiple components; this includes the starter, battery and alternator. These three components are at the core of the computer and electrical systems. With these complex systems operating it is essential to opt for electrical diagnosis and repair by the team f professionals at rocheforautorepair.com. The professionals working here are well qualified, trained and experienced and thus inspect the vehicle for any problem thoroughly.

*The starter: The starter is a component which turns the crankshaft, moving the pistons and keeps the engine going. This needs to be inspected annually to ensure that the apt amount of current is being drawn so that the engine moves smoothly.

*The battery: This provides the required electrical current for the working of the electrical systems and the computer. It is advisable to opt for ‘quality’ when purchasing these batteries. This choice ensures that the battery is durable and long lasting.

*The alternator: The alternator ensures that different components are moving smoothly once the engine is moving. This also helps in keeping the battery charged. Any problem with this alternator can lead to the discharge of the battery and the electrical system gets unstable.

Diagnosis for Electrical System Problems:

The initial inspection carried out by the professionals for electrical system diagnosis and repair is a step by step procedure.

  1. The Alternator v/s Battery:

The requirement of a battery change in a vehicle is once in 3 years. Any problem diagnosed before this period indicates a problem with the alternator or the electrical unit connections. Two major factors which can lead to these problems is rough driving and driving in hot conditions. Our experts inspect and ensure that the connections to the battery are well in place. The voltage level is checked by connecting a voltmeter to the red wire.

The battery is charged by the alternator only with the moving of the engine. If the vehicle does not start you need to understand that there is a fault with the alternator. Besides this, there will be an issue with the lights and the radio of the vehicle.

  1. Grounding Connections:

The components of a vehicle shut down and the voltage level tend to drop when a connector or ground circuit cable is loose. This can be due to the heat or even vibrations. The ‘ground’ is the metal body of a vehicle. This is required to ensure that each part of the car is connected to the battery. All the components are connected with this grounding system. Electrical system diagnosis and repair inspects and ensures that all the connectors and wires are connected in the apt manner.

  1. Fuses:

A fuse which is blown can be the cause of multiple problems in a vehicle. The headlights shut off and the vehicle will shut down totally. This problem is best left to the experts. It is wiser spending that wee bit to ensure your vehicle is offered quality service.

Services Included:

Some of the electrical systems diagnosis and repair services at rochefrautorepair.com include

*Anti-Lock Brake Diagnostics and Services

*Battery System Test



*Electrical, wiring and other electronics

*Computer Diagnostics


*Electrical problems and a lot more.

It is important to get the electrical system diagnostics and repair done on a regular basis. This ensures safe and reliable driving.