Engine Service

Regular maintenance and servicing is important for any vehicle. Owning a car is definitely a luxury, but a luxury which requires some effort. This effort for engine service ensures you enjoy a smooth drive with the safety factor intact. Neglecting engine service of a car can not only lead to breakdown but can also be the cause of accidents and major expenses. It is wiser to eliminate this major tension and take your vehicle to a well qualified, experienced and reputed auto repair outlet. The team of professionals at rocheforautorepair.com are well qualified and specifically trained to handle the different vehicles.

Regular Oil Change:

The engine needs to be well lubricated at all times. This is the reason you need to ensure a regular oil change. The engine runs smoothly and does not tend to get over-heated. Different engines need oil change at different intervals. It is thus advisable to take the vehicle to your auto repair shop. Talking about oil change, the professionals at rocheforautorepair.com also advise on the change of the oil filter as an oil filter can catch all the dust and debris floating inside.

Cooling system:

Another part of the engine which needs to be looked into is the cooling system. This includes the thermostat, radiator, coolant and the water pump. Ensuring there is enough of coolant/radiator fluid can keep the engine from overheating. This coolant circulates through the engine at the time the thermostat determines that the engine has heated up. The coolant is pulled by the water pump and sends it to the engine and back to the radiator to be cooled again.

Our team of experts can inspect this coolant level when you get your vehicle for the engine service.

Engine Breathing:

You need to be aware that air, besides fuel, is an essential requirement for an engine of a car. There needs to be a constant flow of air to the engine sans any debris or any sort of restriction. This is carried out by the air filters. There is an inspection of these filters carried out by the professionals when they change the oil and the oil filter. The air filter is replaced if the need arises.

Leaks in the Engine:

Anti-freeze and oil are two main fluids which can leak from the engine. The engine hoses tend to fail with too much of pressure or even heat. Hoses which are old and worn out can develop cracks. There is a possibility of the fluids leaking and entering other parts of the engine. It is wiser to ensure that the smallest of leaks are fixed before they become problematic and lead to major expenses.

Rubber Belts:

The rubber belts in an engine functions in different manner in different vehicles. The main functions are running of the fan, alternator and the air-conditioner. These belts are used as long as the engine is running. In case the belt snaps while driving there can be major damage. These need to be inspected for cracks on a regular basis.

Check ‘Engine’ Light:

You can be heading for major expenses when the ‘check engine’ light comes on in your car. There can be multiple reasons. It is advisable to get this checked immediately so that you can possible avoid uncalled for expenses. Small problems looked into immediately can spare you of major problems and expenses.

Wires and Spark Plugs:

Changing the wires and spark plugs as and when required is keeping the car and yourself from uncalled for problems. Old spark plugs can lead to the rough running of the engine. Changing these on time is an easy procedure and does not involve major expenses.