About Rochefort Auto Repair

Rochefort Auto Repair is a leading auto parts dealer repair and auto repair shop in Fall River, MA. We have great deals on tires, Auto A/C repairs. We have more than 27 years of experience working on all types of vehicles, from small cars to large trucks, buses, and RV’s. As a family owned and operated business, we truly care about our customers and building long-term, lasting relationships in the community.

The local repair shop offers its services for car service and car repair in Fall River, MA. With the qualified professionals attending to the required services we ensure our customers are satisfied to the maximum. There are specific deals you can opt for on Auto A/C repairs and also tires. This repair is apt for European cars and domestic car repairs. With the on-time services and repair, you can be assured of an increase in the life-span of the vehicle besides a boost in fuel efficiency and the safety factor looked into.

Indications of Car repair required:

Some indications of car repair and car service required are listed below. These can assist you in contacting the Rochefort Auto Repair sans any delay.

  1. In case of an oil leak you notice a smoke in the exhaust. This is normally accompanied by a smell of burning. Ensure you contact the professionals for the car repair required. There is a possibility of noticing white smoke during the winter season. This is of no concern as this is vapor which tends to settle once the engine is heated enough. The worry is the black smoke which needs immediate attention by the car repair professionals.
  2. Over heating of the vehicle leads to smoke from the hood. You need to ensure you stop continuing the drive as this can be the cause of an engine failure, leading to costly repairs.
  3. If there is a problem with any system which is handled by the car monitor, you will have the check engine light flashing. It is easy for the professionals of the Rochefort Auto Repair to diagnose the specific problem and attend to the same without any delays.
  4. In case of a squealing noise when you stop the car you need to ensure that the brakes are given a thorough check.
  5. Get the Rochefort auto repair to check the suspension in case you find the vehicle either ‘drifting’ or ‘pulling’ when you turn the vehicle.
  6. The wear of the bearings leads to a dragging or droning noise from the front wheels or even the back wheels.
  7. Ensure the trained professionals at Rochefort Aut Repair look into the transmissions when the vehicle gains speed or even surges with an un-called for effort.
  8. Car Repair for the tires is essential when the engine seems to be stalling. This is normally due to the fuel or even the battery.

The professionals understand the importance of car repair and thus ensure immediate attention is given to the specific vehicle without any delays. The cost of any car repair or car services at Rochefort Auto Repair is affordable without any compromises made on the quality.

Besides Fall River, MA, Rochefort Auto Repair also offers its services in Berkeley, MA, Somerset, MA, Freetown, MA, Tiverton, MA, Swansea, MA, Dighton, MA and Westport, MA.

With the on-time car repair or car service opted for, you are assured of lowering the cost of running of the vehicle.