Dashboard Warning Diagnostics

Eliminating the risk factor can be easy if you opt for the dashboard warning diagnostics. All warning lights are not universal. Referring to the owner’s manual can help you understand the warning lights on your dashboard easily. Better still, opt for dashboard warning diagnostics with rochetforautorepair.com where you have a team of qualified and experienced professionals conducting this diagnostics and solving the problem. There are many lights which indicate that there is a fault in the vehicle but there is no indication of where exactly this has taken place. Listed below is some dashboard warning lights which are common in most vehicles.

  1. Low Tire Pressure Light:

This dashboard light resembles a tire with an exclamation point. This indicates that there is a tire which is underinflated. The air pressure of the tire needs to be checked on an immediate basis.

  1. Engine Check:

In recent cars the icon which is lit resembles an engine. The computer of the vehicle triggered a diagnostic code indicating an issue which needs to be looked into. In case this is intermittent problem it will turn on and off occasionally. There is no rush. This can be checked whenever you take your vehicle to the mechanic for the next maintenance schedule.

In case this is constantly on you need to ensure you consult your mechanic without delays. The engine needs to be inspected if the problem lingers. The light rapidly flashing indicates there is an emergency and you need to check with the auto shop without any delay.

  1. Oil Pressure:

A dashboard light with the symbol of an oil can indicates you need to get your vehicle refilled immediately. This signal indicates less oil pressure.

  1. Charging/Battery:

The voltage level of the battery being below normal is indicated by a light like a battery going on. The dashboard warning diagnostics at rocheforautorepair.com can inspect the alternator belt and the battery terminals. There are chances of battery replacement in case these are old.

  1. Brake System:

A circle inside parenthesis along with an exclamation point on the dashboard indicates an error with the brake system. This can e triggered if the parking brakes on or probably lack of the brake fluid. It is advisable to get this inspected immediately.

In case there is no change in the ability to brake but the light flashes intermittently a professional needs to be contacted.

  1. Coolant Temperature:

A dashboard light which is similar to a thermometer indicates the temperature of the engine crossing limits. It is advisable to get this checked or else it can lead to overheating of the vehicle. Check out if the seal is tight enough on the radiator and inspect the coolant for any leaks. Make sure you let the engine cool before checking out the level of the coolant.

Those who heed to the dashboard warnings on time not only save on money in the long run but also ensure there are no compromises made on the safety factor. It is important to take the vehicle immediately to a dashboard warning diagnostics when one or more warning lights indicate some problem. It is safer with a professional handling this problem.

The well experienced professionals at Roche are equipped with the latest technology and other equipment to handle these problems. Oil levels, underinflated and overinflated tires, problems with the brakes and coolant systems can be sorted out in no time. These professionals can also rectify a faulty dashboard warning system.

With quality diagnosis and repair services available here it is possible to ensure your vehicle hits the road in a safe manner.