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Rochefort Auto Repair is a well reputed company offering their services of different types of Auto Services Fall River MA. The qualified and experienced professionals with this company ensure that the smallest details are looked into at the time of any auto service. Any car tends to be more of a necessity and not a luxury. Ensuring regular auto services Fall River MA offers multiple benefits to the car owner. You find the professionals with Roche fort can service not only normal cars but are also experienced in electric car repair Fall MA.

Types of Car Service:

This Automotive Repair Center Fall River MA offers you a choice of the Full Service and the Interim service. You need to consider the requirement before you opt for a specific car service. Listed below are the specifications of both these services.

Full Service:

Auto Services Fall River MA offers the full service option which includes a wider range replacement parts services and checks. This works out beneficial for those drivers who are low on the annual mileages.

  1. Change of Filter and Oil.
  2. New filter for the Fuel
  3. New filter for the air
  4. Extensive checks for wear and any damage, leaks, including driveshaft and steering system.
  5. Check of the suspension for any damage and wear.
  6. Checking of the removal of wheels and also brakes
  7. Testing of the Brake fluid and replacing the same if required.
  8. Resetting of the service light
  9. Check of the clutch operation
  10. Adjustment of the handbrake in case required.
  11. Checking of the pipes, hoses and the brake cylinders.
  12. Checking of the tires for any sign of misalignment, and damage or wear and tear.

Interim Service:

The interim service offered by Rochefort Auto Repair is apt for those drivers which choose high mileage covering 20,000 miles or probably more annually.

This servicing needs to be done at least twice every year. This interim service is basically change of oil with some basic checks carried out along with the required maintenance. This maintenance includes a check for faulty lights, leaking hoses or tires which are worn.

The coolant of the vehicle is topped up by this Electric Car Repair Fall River MA, along with the fluid of the power steering and the brake. This is only if there is a requirement.

The professionals at Rochefort Auto Repair can guide you on the choice of the specific service your vehicle requires.

With the regular servicing of a vehicle you can look forward to multiple benefits.

*The safety factor increases and there are no tensions involved when you driving a vehicle.

*You can also look forward to an increase in the life span of the vehicle.

*Fuel economy is another benefit.

Besides Fall River MA, Rochefort Auto Repair also offers its services in Freetown, MA, Berkley, MA, Westport, MA, Swansea MA, Dighton, MA and Tiverton, MA.

With the apt European Cars and Domestic Car repair by Rochefort Auto Repair you can be assured of limited number of breakdowns. You can enjoy your drive without any tensions involved.

We do it better for less!Rochefort Auto Repair has the right resources to fix your car